I was born in Milan in 1973 and I'm working in the show business for almost thirty years.
My long journey started in 1992 in BRW&Partners, an advertising production company.
In 1997 I moved to London, where I worked for MTV Italy as producer/director for 8 years, achieving as well the BBC Directing Multi-Camera Certificate. Back in Milan, in 2006 I started my career as freelance director.
I collaborated with the most important Italian Network like Sky, Rai, Mediaset, La 7, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. I made commercials for Nivea, Ray- ban, Google-Mercedes, Edison and Breil to name a few and I directed music videos, like Nina Zilli's “50 mila” feat. Giuliano Palma, that won the Roma Videoclip award.
In 2009, supported by Amnesty International, In Nepal I produced and directed the documentary "Tears of Rain" telling the women hard conditions in the Hindu society.
16 more followed shot in Japan, Asia and Europe, between 2009 and 2022.
I ended up my first short-film, “Looking forward”, shot in Nepal, during the same trip. It talks about organ human trafficking, winning the People Choice Award at Venice Circuito-Off Film Festival.
I has shot two other short-film till now, always focused on social issues such as racism and marginalization
In 2015 I begun my new adventure with Silvia Zanardi, script writer and journalist, working on storytelling and dealing with web content development. In 2019 I started following SD Communication (Agency and Video Production House) as Executive Producer/Filmmaker.
This is our website:
The latest is “Studio2091, a Venetian story” distributed by Premier, now available on Chili Player.
I travelled more or less around the world and I speak three languages: English, Spanish and basic French.
This is my personal website:
I have European CV, if it needs, with my carrier and rules, as a TV Director, FilmMaker and Teacher.

At the University:
I ‘m teaching at the Civica di Cinema Luchino Visconti University’ since 2008. I teach production and direction skills at the second and the third year.
My courses are Tv Show Format, Directing Multi-camera and Music video.

TV Format:
students learn how to make a tv format starting from the script to production and post, covering all the roles. They have to produce and realize 3 shows (24' each) shot into 2 Studios with 5 cameras in 6 weeks. The first week is based on production and direction theory. The rest of the time they study and work till they have to put shows Live on streaming. This is the final.

Students have to carry out 3 music video commissioned by Real Music Producers, in 7 weeks, thinking about creative treatments, production, shooting, post production new styles and languages.

All the projects are available on the Luchino Visconti website or on Youtube. This is my University official page: https://

2006 - “Lien Chieu Hospital in Da Nang” (Vietnam) - short doc
2007 - “Dalmine Tenaris, Plan Safety in Tokyo” (Japan) - documentary, dur.30'
2009 - “Tears of Rain” (Nepal/Italy) - documentary, dur.60'
2011 - “Looking forward” (Nepal) - short movie
2012 - “Sarebbe un lavoro bellissimo se...” (Milan) - short doc
2015 - “Fisher man” (Veneto) - doc.
2015 - “A Mountain man” (Trentino) - doc.
2015 - “A watch man” (Val Pesarina) - doc.
2016 - “Living in purple” (Cavallino Treporti/Venezia) - doc.
2017 - “Vedere bene, vedere oltre” (Verona) - short doc.
2018 - “L’eternità di un segno” (Val Policella) - doc.
2018 - “Nessuno escluso”, with Gustavo Pietropolli Charmet (Milan) - short docu.
2018 - “Vatican Chapels at Venice Biennale” (Venice) - short docu.
2019 - “Studio 2091, a venetian story” (Venice/Japan/Holland/Valtellina) - documentary, dur.60'
2019 - “Ottavio” (Milano) - short movie
2019 - “Note in viaggio” (Verona/Vicenza) - short docu